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Does email marketing still work?

Some say that email is obsolete. And they’ve got every reason to say so especially now that there’s a rise in social media use. Couple that with messaging and workplace apps like Slack that make it easy for people to connect and communicate without email.

However, the figures tell a different story.

The reality is that a lot of people still use email. In fact, when done right email remains one of the highest return channels in your marketing toolkit—for every $1 you invest into your email marketing budget, you get $42 back!

Here are some more stats to prove that email still reigns...

  • 59% of marketers say email has the best ROI.
  • ROI of email marketing is a whopping 4200%.
  • 89% of marketers say that their main channel for lead generation is email.
  • 58% of adults check their email first thing in the morning.
  • 61% of shoppers and consumers enjoy getting weekly promotional emails, and 28% wish they received them more frequently.
  • The projected revenue from email marketing continues to rise year on year.

How well is your email marketing strategy going?

You are not alone if you’re facing one, or all of the following email marketing challenges:

Coming up engaging content for your email is proofing to challenging and time consuming

You’re sending emails that only end up in the spam or promotions folder.

Your open rates are declining. Are your emails even getting delivered?

People don’t click the links in your emails let alone act on your email offers

You’re getting unsubscribes or spam complaints. every time you send emails.

You don’t have a way to track your email marketing metrics. Heck, you don’t even know what metrics to measure—so you have no idea how email contributes to your sales and your bottom line.

Why invest in email marketing?

Ownership & direct access to your audience

It doesn’t matter how big your social media following is. If you want to reach and engage your audience, you either need to boost your posts—which costs money—or wait for organic traffic—which leaves you at the mercy of the ever-changing social media algorithms.

If you’ve built up an email list, you own it. No one can take it away from you. You don’t rely on any third-party platform to communicate with your audience. All you need is an Email Service Provider (or SMTP server) and you can send a message to anyone in your list, any time you want.

No more cranky gatekeepers. No more dubious algorithms limiting your reach. And, best of all, no more daylight robbery from ad spends.

Build and nurture lasting relationships.

Creating long-term, meaningful relationships with your target market is crucial to the longevity of your business.
Email marketing allows you to reach each person at the right time, with the right message.

From new leads to paying customers, you can message people according to their past actions, demographics, position in your sales funnel, and more.

Your audience feels they are part of a personal journey with your business (rather than just being another number in the crowd).

Best returns

On average, email marketing has the highest overall ROI in comparison to other marketing techniques. Did I mention it’s a whopping 4,200%. That’s a $42 ROI for every $1 spent on email.

Scalable & cost-effective.

It takes the same amount of effort to send one email as it does 10,000. You don’t need a lot of resources for printing, postage, advertising fees, etc. Email marketing is affordable and very cost-effective.

How we help

How we help you stay on top of your email marketing strategy.

Email strategy

To create your strategy, we consider all the elements of your customer lifecycle—touchpoints, growth opportunities as well as your audience's needs. This helps us map out the email content, creatives, assets and systems required to achieve your business goals.

Email list growth

We’ll help you identify the right audience and build an engaged email database you can market to for years to come. Whether it's creating content to attract new subscribers, creating marketing campaigns to build a list, or verifying your subscribers, we've got you covered.

Email design and development

With your products and promotional needs in mind, we'll create functional and beautiful emails that help you meet your business goals. All emails are tested for deliverability, including mobile optimisation.

Email marketing automation

We’ll help you put your prospecting and sales on autopilot with automated email marketing campaigns that build trust and nurture customers based on their actions and stage of the buying journey. We make in plug-and-play easy.

Content & email funnel development

Effective email marketing is a content-intensive game—from valuable content like blog posts and eBooks designed to attract customers to your business, to sales email sequences and landing pages. We help you map out your entire conversion funnel and build the assets and content required to drive conversions.

CRM & Platform setup

We can assist you with everything from selecting the right customer relationship management (CRM) software and email service provider (ESP) to making sure the systems roll out seamlessly, work perfectly, and deliver results to your business. You won't have to spend time figuring out how things work; we’ll handle the technical aspects for you.

Email database management

We’ll help you maintain a healthy customer and prospect database that continues to grow your business for years to come.

We start by organising and segmenting your database so you can send targeted and relevant messages to only those people who want to hear from you. This will increase email engagement and your customer and prospect will most likely act on what you are offering.

We also perform regular clean-ups by removing bad or inactive contacts. This will boost your email engagement and ensure that your messages land in the inbox and the spam or worst promotions folder of your email system.

Testing & optimising your email campaigns

We constantly test and optimise your email campaigns to make sure that they are highly effective and driving the expected outcomes.

We test pretty much every element from subject lines, send times and dates, the email body and offers … much more

You will be surprised how some simple tweaks on your email campaign can bring a massive windfall of leads and clients. This is why you can’t leave testing out of your strategy,

We’ll improve the performance across your email campaigns

Newsletter Emails
Promotional Emails
Nurture Sequence Emails
Upsell/Cross-Sell Emails
Engagement & reactivation emails
Transactional Emails

…And so much more

Here’s how it works

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Why you’ll love working with us

  • Professionals who are ready to go — No time-consuming onboarding process and no oversight required. You handle your business; we’ve got your back when it comes to email & SMS strategy.
  • Transparent pricing — No “gotcha!” surprise rate increases and no confusing fine print. With our team, you get what you pay for. Full stop.
  • Regular updates— Get real-time reporting on open rates, conversions, revenue, and every other important metric. We’ll continue optimizing our approach based on the data we cull from your customers.
  • You own everything we create.
  • Your dedicated personal email marketing concierge — We link every one of our clients with a dedicated account manager who understands the ins and outs of their business. These email marketing geniuses are never further than an email away (and they’re always on call to answer any questions that might pop up).
John's advice and support have been instrumental in defining and mapping our customer journey, as well as formulating our email and marketing automation strategies. John's understanding of email and marketing platforms, as well as customer acquisition strategies, is impressive.

I would highly recommend John to any organisation that is looking at using email marketing automation as a customer acquisition channel
Corey Wolf
Head of Inbound Marketing, Australian Institute of Business

Don’t leave your business growth at the mercy of expensive ads and social media algorithms

Now you can take control over how you communicate with your audience and grow your business on your terms with email marketing.

Do not leave the growth of your business in the hands of social media algorithms that limit how much you can reach your audience or expensive ads that require you to pay regardless of whether you get results.